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First Gen Support (FGS) has a close-knit community on Discord designed to close the achievement gap in first-generation, low-income, and/or immigrant (FGLI) students! 

Why Join Our Community

Here's what our server has to offer for FREE:

  • Fully Responsive

    24/7 Academic and college application help from other students who have gone through the same process

  • Our Network

    An inclusive (and super chill!) community of 700+ people

  • Volunteer Hours

    A chance to earn PVSA verified volunteer hours + certificate by becoming an active moderator, manager, or event/outreach coordinator.

  • Built to Empower

    Access to Discord exclusive FGLI-friendly offers

  • Countless Components

    Fun events like game night, study sessions, and more!

What our Discord Team Says

FGS Discord Team is extremely close-knit and this is what they have to say about their experience moderating, managing, or coordinating events and doing outreach.

  • “Being in First Gen is an amazing opportunity to meet supportive and kind people all around the world! Personally, it's a great experience and flexible.”

    Cindy, Discord Moderator
  • “It’s a lot of work especially when the server doesn’t seem to do as well as it used to, but that’s all part of the fun! It’s great being able to work closely with a small team but also work on a greater scale with the entire community.”

    Angela, Discord Manager
  • "As a discord manager for about ten months now, it has been an awesome opportunity to regulate such an open-minded and caring community. There were a few instances where people with malicious intentions had imposed into the community but it was helpful knowing that I could better protect the community with my powers as an admin."

    Jennifer, Discord Manager

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