What We Have Accomplished: 2022 College Prep-A-Thon

August 2nd to 6th, 2022

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Prep-A-Thon Attendee Statistics

  • Sign-Up Rate

    • 800+ High School Sign-Ups
    • ~200 virtual attendees
  • Worldwide achievement

    • 5 Countries, 23 US States & Territories Represented
    • Popular Foreign Countries: Egypt, Peru, Dominican Republic
    • Popular States: CA, NY, NJ
  • Attendee Grades

    • 71.1% Seniors
    • 20.5% Juniors
    • 8.4% Sophomores

Event Photos

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Conference Highlights

  • Workshops/Sessions offered

    • 18 Available Sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

    • 18 Registered speakers
  • Most Popular Workshops

    • The Power of the Mind

    • College Essay Workshop

    • How to Stand Out in the College Admissions Process
  • Mentorship Statistics

    • 4 Hours of Mentorship Available August 3-5

    • Breakout Room Subjects: Essays, Financial Aid, Scholarships, STEM, Humanities, General Advice

    • Individualized Support from College Students and Advisors

Attendee Incentives

Raffle tickets for $20K in prizes were earned by submitting event feedback forms and completing daily challenges!

  • Prices Include:

    • Hydro Flask
    • 150$ Amazon Gift Card
    • Exclusive FGS T-Shirt and Stickers
    • SAT Prep Classes
    • EssayFit AI
    • School Application Review from Jennifer Liepin
    • Career Consultation with Sarah from First Gen Empower
    • Happiness Udemy Course and Happiness Kindle Book from Possibility Lab

Student Impact

Based on survey feedback from 83 attendees.

  • Students felt more prepared for the college admissions process after the Prep-A-Thon
  • Confidence levels increased ~3 points on 1-10 scale

Feedback regarding College Prep-A-Thon
  • 95% believe that mentorship hours were helpful on their college journey
  • Attendees are very likely to recommend this event to a friend
  • The average likelihood of referring the mentorship program to a friend is 9.75
Feedback regarding Mentorship Sessions


Some responses have been edited or shortened for clarity.

  • “It’s been relieving to learn that there are so many resources available that will help me during my college application process. I’ve been getting help on my essays for college and fly-in applications. And I still can’t believe this program is free. All the events have been eye-opening and very informative. Thank you!” 

  • “I think it is wonderful to hear what other people’s experiences were like because it makes me believe that hard work is worth it in the end.”

  • “The speakers were great and gave us time to discuss, the topics were very helpful, and I think I had many opportunities to make new friends.”

  • “They were amazing–so much wisdom I’m applying towards my senior year.”

  • “Thank you! This program has been great. I feel so relieved about college applications compared to how I felt a week ago. I ‘ve been putting off starting my application but with…all the information I learned, I feel more excitement than anything else…I learned about things I’ve never even acknowledged before such as networking or celebrating myself. Thank you so much for creating such a thoughtful and impactful program!”

  • “It was so informative!”

  • “Great advice and resources given. Loved this Zoom marathon!”

  • “Like always, they all did amazing…I’m definitely going to be here next year!”

  • “Thank you guys for answering all my questions thoroughly!”

  • “Honestly, a good many of the topics I hadn’t even thought about before, but now that I’ve listened to several wonderful people speak about them, I’m feeling a lot more confident…Before the event, I had virtually no idea of how to go about applying to college, but now it’s so much better and I really appreciate the effort gone into it.” 


Our speakers from various colleges and career fields shared their special insights and credible experiences through workshops and panels! 


Our mentors had helped high school students with the college application process. They helped students work through tasks and challenges, such as creating a college list and college application editing. They also helped with school work and extracurriculars! 

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College Prep-a-Thon is sponsored by several people and organizations! We thank them for their support in making this event happen!

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