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What Our Team Members Say

  • “Since I am FGLI and an immigrant student, higher education not only seemed unattainable but I also never got guidance. Knowing that FGS is actively reaching different communities in the US is what ultimately made me want to be a part of the team and why I continue trying to reach FGLI students! Seeing people interact with our stories and posts has shown me the power of social media. FGS has motivated me to continue sharing and searching for opportunities for those in my community.”

  • “I usually have a billion ideas but will scrap them after like a few days because I just think it won’t be possible. The FGS team keeps each other accountable and has been helping me with turning all of my ideas into action. From what we’re doing, I just think it makes me feel like, “Dang… this is actually helping and making a difference for people!” and so it makes me motivated and inspired to do more.” 

  • “Working with FGS has given me the opportunity to break out of my shell and face my fears. I have been able to grow as a person as I help peers within my community overcome obstacles due to their immigrant status in the US.”

  • “FGS gave me the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and become a leader as I combine art and activism to fight against educational inequality. Seeing the community’s growth and support for each other inspired me to share my knowledge and experiences to those who struggled like I did during my high school and college journey.”

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