Meet Our Fellowship Mentors

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    Carlos is a FGLI and immigrant student from Oaxaca, Mexico, now living in San Marcos, California and attending Bowdoin College. He is a dedicated scholar with various scholarships and is passionate about bridging the gap for underrepresented students.

  • Azjoni

    Azjoni is a resilient and determined FGLI student majoring in Education at Clark Atlanta University, with a focus on reforming the education system. They aspire to use their knowledge and passions to contribute towards positive change.

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    Helen is a FG Chinese American attending the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in biological sciences on a pre-medical track. She is certified in CNA/EMR/CERT/CPR and founded an e-commerce business. Helen plans to combine her love for life science and minority advocacy to reform healthcare for minorities.

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    Jeffrey is a senior at Colorado State University Global, majoring in Human Resource Management. With firsthand experience as a working student, he understands the challenges of time management in college. He is a leader in student organizations, advocating for diversity through state-wide and campus-wide initiatives. Jeffrey's Hispanic heritage and first-generation American background drive his passion for supporting others in similar situations. In his free time, he enjoys binge-watching TV shows, reading, and planning vacations.

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    Kalayshia is a recent graduate from the Edge Virtual School, aspiring to attend a four-year college and become a registered nurse. She has a love for skating, photography, shopping, and cooking. With a desire to help others and a passion for learning, Kalayshia enjoys exploring new opportunities and experiences. Her favorite colors are blue and yellow.

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    Miyu Owada is a rising sophomore at Pomona College, potentially majoring in Asian Studies or Anthropology. As a first-generation student from Hawaii with Japanese roots, she is bilingual in English and Japanese. Miyu aims to assist others in navigating the challenges of college applications and transitions. She is involved in various activities, including a mentorship program, college band, and language teaching. In her free time, she enjoys J-pop music, photography, playing the clarinet, and watching TV shows.

  • Nick

    Nick is a junior at Amherst College. He actively participates in clubs such as La Causa, Men's Ultimate Frisbee, and AC Votes, while also serving as a tour guide and Community Advisor. Nick dedicates his free time to running the college access initiative @CollegeForAllProgram. As a Latino student, he strives to inspire other Latino students to pursue higher education and careers that can provide upward mobility for their families.

  • Yu

    Yu Wei is an incoming first-year student at the University of Florida, majoring in microbiology and cell science. Her goal is to become a research scientist and contribute to the development of new cures and treatments. Yu Wei is also passionate about spreading awareness of Asian culture and environmentalism. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and exploring new cuisines.

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    Terrah is an incoming first-year student at Barnard College of Columbia University. As a passionate first-generation, low-income student, she is dedicated to using her voice to support and inspire students worldwide, both academically and socially. Terrah writes for her blog, Danalize, which provides resources and support for first-generation students. She enjoys literature, including reading various genres and writing poetry, while sipping on an iced cup of coffee.

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    Gabrielle Jean Louis is a second-year biology major at the University of Florida. With a background as an IB student, she has a passion for reading and enjoys watching horror movies and documentaries. Gabrielle aspires to become a gynecologist and in her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and go out.

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    Jenny is a Korean-American FGLI student who will be majoring in business and economics at Rice University. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and using it as a tool to address environmental and social issues. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, thrifting, exploring different cuisines, and learning languages. Jenny aims to empower students with similar backgrounds through her experiences.

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    Rawaa is a sophomore at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, majoring in Movement Science through the School of Kinesiology. As a research assistant in the Michigan Medicine urology department, specializing in bladder cancer, Rawaa is dedicated to her studies. On her days off, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling.

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    Jazmin, a senior at USC and the first in her family to attend college, is majoring in psychology with plans to pursue clinical psychology in graduate school. She is a research assistant with CHLA and volunteers as a crisis counselor with the Crisis Text Line. Jazmin enjoys going to baseball games and trying different restaurants with her friends during her free time.

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    Chiamaka Kanu, an incoming freshman at Hamilton College, is excited to share her college journey and support high school students. Raised in Lagos, Nigeria, she overcame the challenges of the college application process and is ready to help others navigate it too. With a passion for swimming, dance, music, and academics, Chiamaka's experience studying abroad at Westminster School in Connecticut further fueled her passion for dance. She's heading to Hamilton College to swim and potentially major in biochemistry/molecular biology with a minor in dance.

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    Kayla Mcpeters, a nursing major at Bethune Cookman University, is an accomplished collegiate cheerleader and the 2023-2024 Miss Junior Elect of her university. With aspirations to be a nurse midwife in Atlanta, Georgia, Kayla is passionate about advocating for the equality of fetal and maternal health for black women. She's eager to serve as a mentor and is excited about the opportunity to support others during the 2023 summer.

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    Alondra Macias, a FGLI student majoring in Neuroscience at Pomona College, is passionate about socioeconomic equity and supporting underserved communities. As a rising sophomore, she aims to enhance educational and STEM opportunities for fellow first-gen, low-income students. Alondra serves as a Research Assistant in the Molecular Biology Department at Pomona and is eager to mentor others in navigating college, selecting majors, and pursuing a successful path to medical school.

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    Rachel, a rising sophomore at Pomona College, is majoring in Public Policy Analysis with concentrations in Economics and Asian-American Studies. She is deeply passionate about affordable housing, food sovereignty, educational access, and trauma-informed memory and archival work. Rachel has extensive experience with College Access, College Success, and Professional Development programs, and actively engages in various on-campus organizations. She loves photography and creative writing, exploring Asian-American counter-narratives, and is excited to mentor FGLI students.

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    Belinda Lin, an incoming freshman at MIT, is passionate about computer science and engineering. With a love for technology since a young age, she plans to immerse herself in cutting-edge research and innovation. Outside of academics, Belinda enjoys playing tennis, swimming, hiking, and expressing her creativity through painting and sketching. She looks forward to the challenges and opportunities at MIT, eager to make an impact in the world of technology.

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    Richardson Joseph, a Haitian-American from Broward County, Florida, will be a sophomore at Cornell University. With interests in information science, biology, and psychology, Richardson is passionate about community collaboration and has actively engaged in volunteer opportunities in his hometown. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and watching American sitcoms. Richardson is excited to share his knowledge of the college application process and provide support to fellow students as a mentor of FGS.

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    Catherine Omeh, an incoming freshman at Spelman College, is a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship and a member of the Ethel Waddell Githii Honors Program. As a Health Science major (Pre-Med), she aims to work in Aerospace Medicine, focusing on racial healthcare justice. They enjoy reading, playing video games, singing, and exercising. Catherine is committed to eliminating racial disparities in healthcare and educating others to join the cause.

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    Gabriela Pedreros, a rising junior at Washington University in St. Louis, is majoring in marketing with a minor in international business. She actively participates in WashU's Questbridge chapter and volunteers at an animal shelter through PAWS. Gabriela is interested in exploring various areas of marketing across different industries. In her free time, she enjoys graphic design, creating various media types, and reading manga.

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    Jaqueline Marquez Salgado, a rising freshman at Washington University in St. Louis, is a first-generation Latina pursuing a career as an immigration attorney. She is excited to offer guidance and support to high school students during their college application process. Jaqueline hails from Kansas City, MO, plays the violin, and has a love for plants.

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    Jasmine, an upcoming junior at UC Davis majoring in Animal Science and Public Health Sciences, is a first-generation Latina passionate about volunteering in animal clinics, mentoring first-gen students, and spending time with her pets. Her goal is to become a veterinarian and establish a veterinary education program for underserved populations, providing them with both education and financial resources for their pets. Jasmine aims to support first-gen students on their journey towards higher education and dreams, ensuring they have access to guidance and support.

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    Jesse is a FGLI student and Questbridge Scholar at Pomona College, double majoring in economics and public policy analysis. He is actively involved in admissions work and FGLI organizations, holding various leadership positions. Jesse aspires to work as a management consultant, pursue an MBA, and become a business executive. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, car rides with friends, and binge-watching Masterchef.

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    Aishah is an incoming freshman at Caltech, planning to major in Physics and minor in neurobiology. Her interests in physics revolve around particle and quantum physics, while in neurobiology, she focuses on diseases affecting the brain. Aishah aims to gain research experience in these fields and deepen her understanding of neurological diseases and disorders. In high school, she enjoyed volunteering as a math tutor.

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    Esther is a freshman at Yale University with an interest in the pre-med track. She enjoys binge-watching shows, with FRIENDS being her all-time favorite. Esther loves music, particularly Afrobeats, R&B, and Gospel. As a Nigerian, she firmly believes that Nigerian Jollof is the best type of rice. She also enjoys reading, with favorite genres including romance, drama, and fantasy.

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    Ryan, an incoming freshman at the University of Southern California, hails from the Bay Area. In his free time, he enjoys going on walks, watching random YouTube videos, and playing relaxing video games. Ryan is a low-income and first-generation college student who received mentorship throughout his journey to higher education. Inspired by his own experiences, he is enthusiastic about helping others achieve their dreams of getting into their dream colleges.

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    Aracely Duarte Perez will be a freshman student pursuing Engineering at Harvey Mudd College. She is excited about engineering as it combines science, math, problem-solving, and helping find solutions to global issues. In her free time, she enjoys reading webtoons, listening to music, and spending time outdoors with friends. Being a first-gen college student, she understands the importance of support and has experienced navigating the world with determination and the occasional all-nighter with a Starbucks in hand.

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    Stacey Zhang is a rising sophomore at Amherst College studying history. Originally from Zhengzhou, China, Stacey enjoys editing for the student newspaper and playing frisbee with friends. She has broad interests in humanities subjects like history, philosophy, and literature, but is open to exploring math and science as well. In her spare time, she indulges in leisure reading, plays Go, watches Arrested Development, and loves solving crosswords.

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    Ariana is a Sierra-Leonean American first-year student at Johns Hopkins University. With a major in Environmental Science and a minor in music, she is passionate about protecting environmental health in marginalized communities. Ariana's artistic interests shine through her love for singing and playing musical instruments like the piano, violin, and electric guitar. In her free time, she enjoys baking, riding her bike, watching Netflix, and currently has a favorite show, Never Have I Ever.

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    Dalena is a rising senior at Purdue University, majoring in Biomedical Health Sciences. She is dedicated to health advocacy for marginalized populations, aiming to ensure quality healthcare for everyone. In her free time, Dalena enjoys exploring new food locations, shops, and cafes in different cities, as well as engaging in digital creation. She appreciates the tranquility of her small Indiana hometown and hopes to travel and find a place that feels like home. When she has downtime, Dalena edits videos, watches zombie movies, and spends time with her parents and friends.

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    J'nae is an upcoming freshman at the University of Notre Dame. She plans to major in Neuroscience & Behavior on the pre-med track with a minor in health, humanities, & society. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, J'nae is passionate about becoming a doctor and giving back to her community. In high school, she actively participated in community service, held officer positions in the National Honor Society, and engaged in various clubs. During her free time, she enjoys crocheting, discussing her career goals, learning new languages, and spending quality time with friends.

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    Aminata Jaiteh is a sophomore at Cornell University, majoring in government and Africana studies on the pre-law track. She is involved in various campus organizations, including being a tour guide, a member of the Black Lives at Cornell (BLAC) Book, Les Femmes de Substance, and the Pan-African Students association. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, photography, and shopping.

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    Ethan is a rising junior at Amherst College, majoring in Spanish and considering law school in the future. On campus, he is an editor for the news section of the student-led newspaper and actively involved in a cappella groups and the Spanish department as a research assistant and DEI fellow. In his free time, Ethan enjoys reading crime novels, going on bike rides, and studying new languages. He also has a knack for baking delicious treats.

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    Amado will be starting his freshman year at Amherst College. He recently graduated from Church Farm School in Pennsylvania, where he held leadership roles for their Literary Magazine and as a Writing Peer Reviewer. Amado is an avid reader, particularly enjoying books with philosophical ideas and analyzing the human condition. In his free time, he loves riding bikes, fixing them, and helping the local bike community in Newark, NJ.

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    Eniola is a first-generation Nigerian American and an incoming freshman at the University of Georgia. He plans to major in Entertainment and Media Studies and conduct undergraduate research as a CURO Honors Scholar. In high school, Eniola demonstrated his leadership and storytelling abilities through multiple leadership positions, and he is committed to service and social justice as an impassioned volunteer for the ACLU's People Power. Eniola enjoys creating art, practicing Spanish, and listening to music in his free time.

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    Wilson Tran is an upcoming freshman at Tufts University, interested in Biomedical Engineering/Pre-med. As a first-generation, low-income student, he is passionate about education and health equity. Wilson has actively participated in various clubs, including fundraising for local Asian American charities, Science Olympiad, Interact Club, and Lets Vote Texas. In his spare time, Wilson enjoys thrifting, working out, and binge-watching shows. He looks forward to joining cultural clubs and conducting research on producing affordable diagnostic tests in college.

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    Elianne Ruiz is an ambitious individual who will begin her studies at INTEC and Texas A&M University. Hailing from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, she graduated with honors from the Cathedral International School. With a passion for science and a desire to contribute to advancements in healthcare, Elianne is pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering and plans to pursue a combined master's degree in Engineering and Business Administration. Outside of academics, she finds joy in dance and baking. Elianne is poised to make a profound impact in the field of biomedical engineering and beyond.

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    Ana Osipovi is a freshman in the dual degree engineering program at NC State University and Meredith College. She is passionate about increasing women's involvement in STEM fields and is majoring in electrical engineering and mathematics. Hailing from Georgia, Ana brings a unique perspective to her studies and actively engages in student leadership activities and research initiatives focused on promoting gender equality in STEM. In her free time, she organizes events, mentors women in STEM, and participates in programs that empower female representation in these fields.

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    Anastasia is a rising junior at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, pursuing a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations with a minor in Law & Society. As a first-generation low-income student from Ghana, Anastasia is actively involved in campus organizations, including Les Femmes de Substance, the Black Ivy Pre-Law Society, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with friends. Anastasia plans to attend law school and pursue a career as a Public Interest Lawyer.

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    Monica will be attending Northwestern University on the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship, having also received the Horatio Alger Scholar award. She hails from Biloxi, MS and intends to major in Neuroscience with a possibility of transferring into Biomedical Engineering. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching anime, listening to music, trying new food, exploring new places, and meeting new people. She is excited to connect with mentees who share her interests in cognitive studies, horror films, and food.

  • Adeoluwa

    Adeoluwa Adeoye is a dedicated senior at Ardsley High School. He will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall, where he plans to be studying neuroscience. In his free time, he loves watching movies, playing the piano, exercising, and hanging out with friends. 

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    Kayli Ngeam is an incoming freshman at the University of Southern California, majoring in psychology on the pre-health track. During high school, Kayli was involved in ASB, UNICEF, Red Cross, and Key Club. With her college application experience, she is eager to support others pursuing higher education and help them achieve their personal and academic goals. In her free time, Kayli enjoys watching TV shows and movies, reading, learning languages, and doing arts and crafts.

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    Luis is a rising freshman at Washington University in St. Louis. As a first-generation Mexican-American, he enjoys reading, discovering new music, and spending time in the gym.

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    Abel Rodriguez, born in Honduras and raised in a predominantly white shoreline town in Connecticut, developed an interest in advocating for other immigrants fighting for educational equity. He will be starting his freshman year at Harvard University, where he hopes to concentrate in Government and pursue a secondary in Microbial Sciences. In his free time, Abel enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and playing video games. He looks forward to sharing his valuable wisdom from the college application process and supporting others with similar experiences.

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    Arianna Hurtado, a recent high school graduate from California's Central Valley, will be continuing her studies and athletics at El Camino College in Southern California. She plans to study Nutrition Sciences and participate in cross country and track. In her free time, Arianna enjoys lifting, running, baking, exploring new sites and food, and watching TV. Her interests include volunteering, sports, food, anime, and reading. She is excited to excel academically and athletically in the coming year.

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    Caelin is a first-generation low-income rising junior at Bryn Mawr College, studying Biology with minors in Health Studies and Peace, Conflict, and Social Justice Studies on the pre-med track. She is currently interning at Johns Hopkins University doing HIV research. Caelin aspires to pursue a career in public or global health. On campus, she is involved with the Breaking Barriers club for FGLI students and the Muslim Student Association. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, exploring Philadelphia, thrifting, and recently developed a passion for fish keeping.

  • Screen shot 2023 07 08 at 10.49.30 am

    Vy Ly is a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley, with majors in biology and business. She is interested in advancements in medicine and affordable healthcare. Vy is passionate about providing quality, accessible education to bridge education and opportunity gaps. She is also the founder and president of The Stemistry Project, a growing nonprofit organization that connects students with speakers from universities such as Stanford, Brown, and Dartmouth. Vy aspires to pursue a career in dentistry.

  • Screen shot 2023 07 08 at 10.51.07 am

    Yarely Duarte Perez will be a freshman at Stanford University this upcoming fall. She wants to dedicate her life to serving others, preferably in the fields of education, immigration, and community building. As a National City native, she hopes to honor her community of hard-working immigrants and invest in its youth. In her free time, you can most likely find Yarely with her small journal and a colored pen, recording her life's silliness, hanging out with friends, listening to soft indie Christian artists on Spotify, or playing her guitar.

  • Chidera

    Chidera Kalu-Uka is a college freshman at Bates College from Katy, Texas. She immigrated to the United States in 2018 from Nigeria. In high school, Chidera was involved in various leadership roles, including Founding President of the People of Color Alliance, Founding Officer of the Mental Health Alliance, and President of the Black Student Union. She has conducted research at The State University of New York at Stony Brook. Chidera plans to study neuroscience with concentrations in Public Health and Considering Africa. She aims to become a geriatric neurologist and work in public health.

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    Ethni Mena-Ajakpovi is an 18-year-old college freshman at the University of Texas, majoring in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. Ethni is passionate about public speaking and social interaction. She is eager to make fulfilling connections with people and inspire others throughout the college admissions process. In her free time, she enjoys public speaking, watching Disney movies, and spending quality time with her loved ones.

  • Screen shot 2023 07 08 at 10.58.02 am

    Bree is a first-generation sophomore who will be transferring to the University of Montevallo this fall. She is majoring in Theatre Design & Technology with a minor in Digital Filmmaking. Bree enjoys video editing, playing The Sims, and watching her favorite movies and shows. As a first-generation high school and college student, she wants to help other first-generation students navigate college.

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    Eleni is an incoming freshman at Amherst College. She enjoys crocheting, drawing, taking photos, and listening to music. When she isn't doing that, she likes watching any and all TV shows recommended to her by Netflix. In school, she is an exploratory student with an interest in engineering (or economics if things get too hard). She attends a liberal arts school, so she can attest to the differences her hard science major has with the open curriculum Amherst offers. If any of this interests you, don't hesitate to message her!

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    Landon Bishop is a graduate of St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana, and an incoming freshman at Yale University. An aspiring polymath, Landon is focused on the intersections of community service, history, filmmaking, and engineering. He has received national recognition for his efforts to combat inequality and empower underserved communities. In his free time, Landon enjoys reading and writing science fiction and fantasy, cartography (map drawing), soap-making, and photography. 

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    GeorgeDaniel Dixon, born and raised in Buena Vista, a small town in Georgia, is currently a freshman at Amherst College. He plans to study Anthropology-Sociology, Black Studies, Philosophy, and English on a pre-law track. He is passionate about social advocacy and wants to work with nonprofits, as well as continue his education with graduate school. GeorgeDaniel emphasizes mental health among first-generation low-income students, understanding the added pressures they face. Outside of the classroom, he likes to hang out with friends, play tennis, go to church, and travel to different areas.

  • Screen shot 2023 07 08 at 11.06.13 am

    Tommy is a rising freshman at Brown University! He plans to concentrate in engineering and international relations. During the previous college application cycle, he mentally wanted to pass away because of how many essays he had to write. Besides that, he is part of the First-Generation Low-Income (QuestBridge!!!) and Vietnamese community. He loves playing tennis, watching Korean dramas, driving at night, and occasionally running. Tommy is trying to learn how to crochet and is excited to meet everyone and share his tips on how to survive the college application season!

  • Screen shot 2023 07 08 at 11.09.18 am

    Leslie Tello is a rising junior at Claremont McKenna College, studying economics. As a Southern California native, her favorite activities include going to the beach and hiking with her dog, Bentley. In her spare time, you can find her reading, drawing, or watching video essays on YouTube.

  • Ella

    Ella is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and will be a freshman at Cornell University in the fall. She plans to major in Animal Science on a Pre-Veterinary Medicine track. Ella enjoys playing the viola, swimming, and working with animals. She is passionate about animal welfare, mentorship, and advocacy. Ella is a first-generation college student and looks forward to learning from others while providing support to fellow first-gen students.

  • Screen shot 2023 07 08 at 11.11.45 am

    Sandy is a first-generation sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, studying sociology and molecular & cellular biology. She is from a rural town on the eastern shore of Maryland, with her parents originally immigrating from southern Mexico. In her spare time, Sandy loves curating Spotify playlists, going to the beach, trying new restaurants (especially Korean cuisine), having movie nights with friends, and making friendship bracelets!

  • Screen shot 2023 07 08 at 11.13.09 am

    Iksha is an incoming freshman at Grinnell College, interested in Economics and Computer Science. As a first-generation low-income student, she is excited to give back the help she received throughout the college application season. She is passionate about community service and has organized and executed activities to uplift and serve the DFW community, such as food drives, school supply drives, and making meals for the unhoused. In her free time, Iksha loves to cook and bake, watch K-dramas, and go to the gym!

  • ChiChi

    ChiChi is a rising freshman at the California Institute of Technology, with plans to major in Applied and Computational Math or Computer Science. She is passionate about research and diversity in tech. Outside of her academic interests, she enjoys reading, playing the ukulele, and learning K-pop dances.

  • Fgs google form headshot

    Portia was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a rising junior at USC, studying Political Science on a Pre-Law track. As a first-generation college student herself, Portia aims to be a resource for other first-gen students taking this next big step in their academic journey. During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach, reading, and working out.

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