FGS Family Pods

A mentorship program for under-served high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

Family pods

What makes FGS Family Pods unique?

  • accountable groups

    We separate college students and high school students into pods of 6-8 people so everyone holds each other accountable! 

  • Sibling-like mentorship

    College mentors will have one-on-one session with HS seniors. HS seniors will have one-on-one session with HS sophomores/juniors to pass down their insights. 

  • thought-provoking curriculums

    Engage in minority-centric discussions that highlight inequities affecting college access and learn how to overcome them. 

  • Tight-knit community

    You will be in your family pod as well as group chats with all other family pods. We will have community events to help everyone get to know each other! 

  • All-inclusive program

    This program is not only for those who are only "high-achieving," but for all students who are first-generation and/or low-income. 

  • Exclusive Perks

    All HS students will receive the Fiveable Summer College Pass ($150 value) for free! All family pod members will have access to FGS exclusive events!  

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