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True stories & experiences of other first-generation, low-income, and/or immigrant students. 

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  • Danielle lopez
    Danielle Lopez
    Conducted Research with a UPenn Professor of Anthropology

    “I'm a FGLI Honduran-Filipina American, born and raised in Las Vegas. I always wanted to be the perfect kid..."

  • Arely flores
    Arely Flores
    An immigrant student that took advantage of outside scholarships

    “As an immigrant student, I was terrified of the college process. I had no idea..." 

  • Irnande altema headshot   irnande a
    Irnande Altema
    Child of Immigrant currently part of First Gen Rise

    “I am a daughter of immigrant parents who originated from the Caribbean. There were so many uncertainties..."

  • Diana vicezar   headshot   diana vicezar
    Diana Vicezar
    International Student attending Pitzer College

    "Coming from a low-income family, & knowing that my parents didn’t have the option of getting into high school, motivated me to..."

  • Norma galvez
    Norma Galvez
    DACA receipt that worked to save for college

    "I told her that I couldn’t apply for FAFSA since I wasn’t a citizen and she [my counselor] said that she couldn’t help me..."

  • Img 9689   jose gonzales 2
    Erving Sosa
    Went from flipping burgers to developing software at American Express

    "It took me 6 years, 3 major changes, 2 degrees, 169 credits, stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights to graduate..."

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