FGS x CFA Summer Fellowship

This summer, instead of our College Prep-A-Thon, we're providing more focused support and in-depth info regarding college life and applications with our new Summer Fellowship.

This program is hosted in conjuction with College For All.

Applications for Mentors and Fellows are now closed.

Scroll down for a program overview!

Fellowship Week-By-Week Rundown

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Please email us (info@firstgensupport.org) with any further questions you have about the Fellowship program.

  • Is there a cost to apply or participate in the Fellowship?

    Nope! Our programs are entirely free in order to best support our mission of opening doors for first-generation, low-income, and immigrant students! Financial situation should never be a barrier to accessing any of FGS' resources.

  • I was waitlisted for the Fellowship, what resources can I use to prepare for the college application process?

    Check out our Fellowship Mentors page (linked at the top of this webpage)--many mentors have linked their contact info and would love to answer questions you may have about different majors and schools!

    The First Gen Support Instagram account also regularly posts tips and opportunities for FGLI and immigrant students.

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